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Dirt & Street Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

By M-Tech Motorcycles – Bend, Oregon

Want to tune your motorcycle for maximum performance?

We are one of the Pacific Northwest’s few motorcycle dyno mapping and tuning centers and the only one in Central Oregon. We can help you achieve your maximum performance goal. M-Tech Motorcycles has a Superflow cycle dyno for providing complete dyno-mapping for your street and/or dirt bikes so our tuners can get your motorcycle dialed in just right.

Our expert technicians frequently use the dyno for adjusting and creating fuel maps for fuel injected bikes to get maximum power and performance. It also works great for carbureted bikes. With the integrated air/fuel meter and load control, it takes very little time to re-map or re-jet any type of bike to improve performance across the RPM range of your engine.

We can also perform power runs to determine if your bike is running up to par, providing you with a horsepower and torque graph and print-out. We also like to test “before and after” power runs on a bike when we are completing performance work to see what type of true horsepower gains we are achieving. Our Superflow dynamometer with load control is also great for breaking in motors. The race bikes we build have to go straight to the track and be ready to race so we use the dyno machine for properly breaking in the engine, insuring they are ready to outperform the competition!  🙂

If you want to get big gains of horsepower and performance, call us now at (541) 388-5005

“The bike runs better than it ever did! It was totally worth bringing it in. Thanks!”

2011 ZX-14 Customer Derek Zandt, Tri-Cities, WA

Dyno Tuning Pricing:

  • ECU tuning (Where application permits) $500 – Includes reflashing of ECU & custom dyno tuning
  • Custom mapping (Power Commander / Bazzaz maps) $250 Single custom map / Dual map setups $450
  • Custom jetting (carbureted motorcycles) $120/hr minimum 1-hour charge
  • Power runs minimum dyno fee $120

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