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Motorcycle Engine Tuning, Repair & Performance by M-Tech Motorcycles - Bend, OregonEngine Performance
We can build, tune and maintain your dirt, street and racing motorcycle engines to your performance needs. Engine services include complete head rebuilds, including valve replacement, seat cutting and porting, crank shaft, rod replacement and big bore kits. We also install aftermarket cams and high compression pistons.

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4-Stroke Motorcycle Performance Services
Complete head rebuilds, including valve replacement, seat cutting and porting, crank shaft, rod replacement and big bore kits. Aftermarket cams and high compression pistons.

  • Porting per cylinder $325
  • Head rebuild (clean and re-cut valve seat) head only $120
  • Deck cylinder head $80
  • Re-plate cylinder single $250
  • Complete engine rebuilds available Call 541-388-5005
  • Supersport and superbike engine packages available Call 541-388-5005

2-Stroke Motorcycle Performance Services
Yes, we work on 2-strokes. This work includes crank replacement, big bore kits, head modifications and repairs and porting. Or, you can always freshen up that old 2-stroke. They are fun to ride!

  • Porting per cylinder $180
  • Re-plating per cylinder $250
  • Re-plating 4 cylinder Call 541-388-5005
  • Re-bore steel cylinder $95
  • Cylinder head mods $50
  • Complete engine rebuilds Call 541-388-5005

Vintage Motorcycle Service & Repair

Vintage Motorcycle Repair - Bend, Oregon Vintage Motorcycle Repair - Bend, Oregon

M-Tech performs maintenance and repair of any vintage motorcycle, from tune-ups and tire changes to engine and transmission rebuilding. Tons of options are available to get your vintage ride race, street or dirt ready including:

  • Engine Rebuilding - Top end - Cylinder resleeving/boring, head rebuilds, replacement of rings and pistons. Bottom end and crankshaft rebuilds.
  • Transmission Rebuilding
  • Suspension Rebuild-Modify and upgrade forks with Race Tech emulators and springs installed. Re-valve. Rebuild or replace rear shocks and springs. Re-chroming of hard to find components can be done as needed.
  • Carburetor Cleaning & Rebuilding
  • Electrical System CDI Upgrades - Upgrades to CDI Ignition

Flat-rate pricing is not available for vintage motorcycle service due to many variables including; extent of work needed, the present mechanical condition of the bike, previous work performed on the vehicle and the rarity of bike & parts. Contact us for your own personal estimate.

Reducing Friction in Engines

Increase the strength, durability and life of your motorcycle engine.

This picture shows most of the moving parts in a typical Inline-4 motorcycle.

Motorcycle Engine Friction Reduction - Bend, Oregon

One of the optimum performance modifications we do is a surface treatment of each individual component. Not only does it dramatically reduce friction, but it also increases reliability. M-Tech uses a specialized metal finishing process that removes imperfections, therefore increasing parts life and engine & transmission performance.
Shifting is dramatically improved.

Any 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine will benefit – Single, V-Twin or 4-Cylinder. Contact us for an estimate.

Attention Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Owners:

This is how you make your old ZX14 run away from any new ZX14!!
Ship us just the motor or the whole bike (highly recommended).
We have a Super Flow Dyno with proven results and great reliability.

Muzzy’s 1570 kit(crank and pistons) $1699
Cylinder re-plating and boring- $682
Head porting and seat cutting-$650
Lower end gaskets-$58
Cam sprockets, adjustable-$60
Valve spring kit- $374
Billet camshafts-$1430
Oil and oil filter-$43
Spark plugs-$35
Labor R&R motor for 1570 kit, break in and dyno tune-$950
Misc shipping fees-$50

Also available are: Exhaust system, PCV fuel controller, clutch kits, air filter or any other goodies you might want.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Dyno Map

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M-Tech Motorcycles
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